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Kenya Nyla Jones is a Wellness Practitioner who is currently Program Assistant with Jubilee Association of Maryland, Inc. (5-years). She is also the founder (2018) and love-energy behind HEALING FOR PUBLIC, which seeks to educate and empower individuals with disabilities. HEALING FOR PUBLIC helps to connect individuals with innovative ideas, people and programs to stimulate mind body and spiritual growth.

Ms. Jones received her diploma as a Mind Body Wellness practitioner and certifications in Life Coaching, and Yoga Instructing from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Tempe, Arizona. At Jubilee, Ms. Jones is both Administrator and innovator, serving adults with developmental disabilities who need a voice publicly and politically. Among the many programs she is the creator of the hugely successful “Wellness Wednesday”

This program brings together the outstanding special needs adult community to educate and provide tools to enhance their lives. The five-part Wellness components designed to work together consist of, deep meditation, nutrition, yoga and movement, stress management, self-love and mindfulness, invites the individual to create their life. Wellness Wednesday has become the most sought-after program by families and individuals being supported. Each week the class is filled to capacity and continues to grow.

Having a little sister who is developmentally disabled has given Ms. Jones a profound understanding and insight into a world that many may underestimate. The beauty and satisfaction inherent in enhancing a person’s life is in itself inestimable.