4 required sessions to support the goal of the person supported in finding their optimal health, through good foods, and making healthy choices. These sessions create a platform for the person supported to find joy in reaching small goals. Celebrating the small things gives the confidence to make consistent changes. This can also be helpful when transitioning into a new living environment with housemates. Health is Wealth!

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A brief discussion surrounding the goals, concerns, and challenges of the person supported. This first meeting is done virtually with the team that supports the individual. The goal of the assessment is to find out if it’s a good fit and educate the team and person supported on the nutrition journey ahead. This is the time for Q&A and for the coach to map out the plan of action to reach the goals set forth.


  1. Enhancing Digestion

  2. Developing a Sharp, Focused Mind

  3. Managing Moods and Emotions

  4. Slowing Down the Progression of Alzheimer’s 

  5. Improving Memory

  6. Promoting Relaxation and Calmness

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