Acting is for those who want to find their voice or just want to express themselves in creative ways. These classes are modified for people of all abilities. These classes will help participants:

  1. Gain Confidence

  2. Learn How to Express Feelings & Emotions

  3. Enhance Their Public Communication & Interactions

  4. Learn to Think Outside of Themselves

  5. Learn to Experiment, Improvise and Use Their Imagination

  6. Learn to Enhance Strengths & Weaknesses

  7. Have Fun

Mid-Day Movement was developed to include fitness and body movement into participants weekly schedule. It ensures that the people we support do not get comfortable with a sedentary lifestyle as it can lead to future issues. We want them off the couch and out their bedrooms, exercising, moving and shaking to music they all adore.

  1. Keeps You Physically Active

  2. Reduces Stress & Tension

  3. Improves Mental Health & Mood

  4. Helps Manage Blood Sugar & Insulin Levels

  5. Teaches Importance of Daily Movement

This package puts all of the daily virtual programming into one simple monthly package. Individual classes also available. You get to participate every Monday through Friday in classes such as:

  • Zumba Monday

  • Life-Skills Tuesday

  • Wellness Wednesday

  • Dinner & Game Night Thursday

  • Dance Party Friday

These classes were created to get everyone moving. Dance is the most energetic and releasing form of expression and is known as the Universal language. Each month we will teach a new discipline of dance such as: Salsa, Hip Hop, Jazz, etc. These classes have been modified so people of all abilities can participate and remember, there is no wrong way to dance! This package will help participants:

  1. Increase Range of Motion

  2. Increase Coordination & Balance

  3. Release Stress & Tension

  4. Build Cardio Endurance

  5. Learn New Dances

  6. Enhance Focus