Many adults with disabilities (and their support) get overwhelmed when they think about the prospect of change or learning a new way of life but it does not have to be overwhelming... and we can help. This class will focus on different, usable life skills that will decrease frustration and promote independence. Learn new tasks at your own pace including: 


  1. Health-Personal Hygiene

  2. Eating & Cooking Healthy Foods

  3. Exercise

  4. Sexual Health

  5. Lifestyle

  6. Shopping

  7. Household Activities

  8. Hobbies & Sports

  9. Community Integration

  10. How to Use Public Transportation-

  11. Road Safety

  12. Love & Relationships

  13. Social interactions & Communication

  14. Making Friends

  15. Employment & Financials

This program brings together the outstanding special needs adult community to educate and provide tools to enhance their lives. This class uses what founder Nyla Jones calls 'Five-Part Wellness.' These components consist of deep meditation, nutrition, yoga & movement, stress management, self-love & mindfulness,

Our Program invites individuals to create their optimal life and place emphasis on self-care. Wellness Wednesday is by far the most popular & sought-after program by families and individuals being supported.

  1. Emphasizes Self-Care & Love

  2. Greatly Reduces Stress & Anxiety  (Proven)

  3. Learning the Value of Proper Nutrition

  4. Increases Physical Activity
  5. Creates a Sense of Mindfulness

Zumba Monday's creates an exciting dance party atmosphere full of Latin and international music. You will absolutely forget that  you're working out because you're having so much fun! Your host Nyla Jones will teach you simple dance moves such as: the Cha Cha, Salsa, Reggaeton, Rumba, and much more. Best of all, you don't need any previous dance experience! All of our programming is modified for all abilities!


  1. Increases Physical Activity

  2. Commune with People of All Abilities 

  3. Learn New Dance and Exercise Moves

Our participants wait ALL week to get down at Dance Party Friday's (and yes... it is a party). This is our club night! All that participate get dressed up while host Nyla Jones DJ's and dances to fun, feel-good music. Dance Party brings all the smiles and cool dance moves every single Friday! 

(Suggestion if you are using a computer or phone to participate, purchase small speakers or hook your device up to a Bluetooth speaker to feel like you're at the party)

  1. Great Social Activity w/ Others

  2. Pressure & Stress-Free Activity

  3. Freedom & Self-Expression

  4. Learn New Music & Dance Moves

These classes were created to get everyone moving. Dance is the most energetic and releasing form of expression and is known as the Universal language. Each month we will teach a new discipline of dance such as: Salsa, Hip Hop, Jazz, etc. These classes have been modified so people of all abilities can participate and remember, there is no wrong way to dance! This package will help participants:

  1. Increase Range of Motion

  2. Increase Coordination & Balance

  3. Release Stress & Tension

  4. Build Cardio Endurance

  5. Learn New Dances

  6. Enhance Focus

Mid-Day Movement was developed to include fitness and body movement into participants weekly schedule. It ensures that the people we support do not get comfortable with a sedentary lifestyle as it can lead to future issues. We want them off the couch and out their bedrooms, exercising, moving and shaking to music they all adore.

  1. Keeps You Physically Active

  2. Reduces Stress & Tension

  3. Improves Mental Health & Mood

  4. Helps Manage Blood Sugar & Insulin Levels

  5. Teaches Importance of Daily Movement

This is the most fun day of the week as it is pure social hour for those that participate. You get to engage in lively entertainment while eating your dinner... or a snack if you choose. This is the place where you get to make new friends that are also in the IDD community and learn fun facts about each other. This program will allow you to feel included while having a great time. After dinner and socializing is when the virtual games start! Have fun with your friends playing Trivia, Heads Up, Bingo, Charades, and much more.

  1. Make Great New Friends

  2. Have Fun & Let Loose

  3. Play Games w/ Others

  4. Socialize During Meals

Acting is for those who want to find their voice or just want to express themselves in creative ways. These classes are modified for people of all abilities. These classes will help participants:

  1. Gain Confidence

  2. Learn How to Express Feelings & Emotions

  3. Enhance Their Public Communication & Interactions

  4. Learn to Think Outside of Themselves

  5. Learn to Experiment, Improvise and Use Their Imagination

  6. Learn to Enhance Strengths & Weaknesses

  7. Have Fun



EXPERTISE IN: Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Modern, Contemporary, Lyrical, Stiletto, Burlesque, Cheer-Dance, Hip-Hop and Jazz Aerobics, Group/Duet/Solo Stage and Competition Choreography, Production & Line Choreography

OTHER SKILLS: Tap, Musical Theatre, Cheerleading, Gymnastics
Beginning/Intermediate Tumbling, Beginning - Advanced Stunting, Fitness and Conditioning , Artist Development, Styling, Image Consulting, Pageantry, Wedding, Dance, Acro-Dance