Created for the Gifted, Intellectual Disability Community, (special needs) this program is ideal for those who want to gather to make friends, grow, and find more peace. This is an experience not a class. The individuals who participate experience life-changing

moments. For 12 weeks build a foundation that you will carry for a lifetime.

Warrior 1 - ages 10-22 years old

Warrior 2 - ages 23-and up

Rooted Warriors

Wellness Program

HFP believes in women and the power of sisterhood. Yet, statistics

show that women have fewer friends and lack trust with each other. S.H.E. is a group of elite women who believe in the

importance of mentoring and connecting with other sisters. Many women have found themselves without shelter for

themselves and their children. S.H.E. provides 1 to 2 night’s stay at a hotel to allow these women to feel safe get a hot shower, clean clothes, shoes and 3 meals a day. 

The S.H.E Program

Sister's Helping Each Other

Rooftop yoga classes in the DMV. Includes brunch with healthy

food. A percentage of the proceeds will go to S.H.E. outreach


Yoga Pop-Up's

with Brunch

The love of sports is one of the things that connects people with each other as ability, gender, and race don’t matter. HFP has created a space where special needs youth are empowered by the game. Our G-Ballers basketball league provides a safe environment where they can learn the game, develop

friendships, have healthy competition, but, most importantly, have fun.

"G" Ballers

Basketball League

The most failed goal in American history is the use of the gym and exercising. If you have a true desire to get healthy or change the way you see food, this is the family you need. Certified Life and Health Coach Ms. Nyla Jones, a stickler for accountability, has created this program. The Life Accountability Program is a family-based program that utilizes the buddy system. You will have a sponsor. You will develop a goal and as a unit, we will support you in reaching your goal. However, this program isn’t limited to physical fitness and/or nutrition goals.

The Life Accountability Program

Supporting our Veterans is important. This program was created to honor our Vets. Vets for Life invites individuals to to find that inner balance through a specially modified Five Part Wellness


The Vet's For Life


Healing for Public has tailored the Five Part Wellness program for our respected elders where we hope to add

grace and comfort to their lives.

The Positive Aging 


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Healing For Public

A tailored approach to educate and empower Individuals with disabilities on the significance of their optimal health and overall well-being.


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